St Louis Ribs vs. Baby Back Ribs

Pork ribs are subdivided into various types of cuts, which are distinctly different. They have different cooking times because of their shape, size, and texture. Some have more bones and connective tissues, while others have more meat.

There are tons of ribs gotten from different meat on the market, and some recipes require a specific variety of ribs to make delicious meals. The main cuts of a pork rib are spare cut ribs and baby back ribs. They are closely placed beside each other but have different tastes.

Pork ribs take well to marinade and are ideal for grilling, smoking, slow cooking, and braising.

We have written a review on two identical ribs gotten from pork. As you read on, you will find the difference between St Louis ribs vs. baby back ribs.

St Louis Ribs

St Louis ribs are also referred to as breast bone off pork. This is the meatier cuts of spare ribs with high-fat content and more bones. They are flatter and get crispy easily.

St Louis ribs are trimmed from the cuts of spare ribs. It is found close to the abdomen of a pig and has an even form. St Louis ribs offer you an easy to grill racks of ribs with its tough breast bone and chewy cartilage trimmed to form a rectangular shape.

 You can prepare your st Louis rib without a grill. The flatter shape is perfect for cooking indoors with a stovetop. St Louis ribs have more fat and marbling, which makes it tastier and tender. It is well-flavored and chewy.

Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs are also referred to as loin ribs or back ribs. An average baby back rib rack has up to twelve 5-inch curved ribs. They are more costly than several types of pork ribs.

Baby back ribs are fine cuts of pork. They are found in the region close to the pig’s spine. It is cut from the upper area of the rib cage. Baby back ribs are delicate, softer, and tinier. This cut of ribs are meatier and takes less cooking time to get ready.

They have named baby back ribs because they are smaller in size than the other types of pork ribs. They are mostly used for barbecues. Baby back ribs are well suited for a large gathering because of its smaller size. It is easier to serve as finger food.

St Louis Ribs vs. Baby Back Ribs

Although St Louis Ribs and baby back ribs are gotten from the rib region of a pig, they have unique texture and cuts. St Louis has a more uniform shape and volume. The baby back rib has a slightly curved shape.

Baby back is soft and easy to chew by everyone. It has more meat with less fat and is cut into a small portion, which makes it cook faster. They require low temperatures to cook into succulent meat. Louis’s ribs require more cooking time because of its size. 

The major differences between these two ribs are the fat content, the meat size, price, and cuts. The thickness and fat content of a pork cut can affect the taste and flavor of your dish.

The baby back rib is the most common between these two ribs. It is often used in most BBQ joints and restaurants. This cut of pork is in high demand and is more expensive than the other.

St Louis ribs are symmetrically cut and pleasing to look at. They are tougher but become tender when cooked properly. It requires low heat to cook for long to get a tender texture. They are flatter and larger than baby back ribs and brown easily. They are affordable when compared with baby back ribs. The other cut of pork is harder to brown.

Baby back has more nutritional value than Louis’s ribs. It is rich in protein, calories, and low in fat. St Louis rib has a high-fat content that makes it tastier than baby back ribs.


Instead of sticking to your beef and hamburgers, you can try out other cuts of meat. Pork ribs are best for both indoor and outdoor cooking methods. 

Pork ribs are one of the most commonly used meats for grilling. No cut of pork ribs is better than the other; it is all based on personal taste, budget, and choices.

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